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South Australia State of Innovation

On May the 23rd 2019 in Adelaide, Garry Baverstock will be speaking at the Industry Friends Low Carbon Living Forum (https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/industry-friends-of-low-carbon-living-forum-series-tickets-60293989947?aff=erelexpmlt) . He was invited by the University of South Australia to talk about the technologies that himself and his team have invented, researched and developed. UniSA has been contracted to investigate the PV driven solar water heating product known as SolaTank.

Garry will also be discussing the ’MassWall’ construction system that uses a new thin masonry block, known as the ‘BaverLock’. This maximizes thermal mass storage in 3 to 5 story domestic or small commercial buildings.

As part of maximizing the thermal storage effects, a new PV driven technology known as ‘MassLinc’ is ready for the commercialisation process.

Why SA?

Mr Baverstock said, “Well we have found WA is myopic with mining innovations and there is little support for technologies like ours. It is unfortunate but one must heed reality”.


Non-Progressive View in Development of Cottesloe

Recent debate on the Swanbourne Village Trust (SVT) development in Congdon St, Cottesloe has heated up with a small, very vocal minority spreading leaflets in letterboxes in the area. These leaflets were laced with incorrect information and assumptions and making statements disguised as facts that are little more than the opinions of a few people that seem to be opposed to change in Cottesloe.

The Misnamed Group : Cottesloe Residents & Ratepayers Association

The name adopted by this group is mis-leading. They are NOT representing the majority of the residents and ratepayers of Cottesloe. Even their own website admits this.

At the 2016 AGM of the Association slurs on the Town of Cottesloe Council were voiced by committee members accusing the Council of not following ‘due process’ and not being transparent with ‘ad hoc re-zoning’ decisions.

This small group, which in itself acts in secrecy and is by no means transparent,  claims to represent the 8,000 ratepayers of Cottesloe. They will not declare how many members they have or whether their members are all related by business, payment of rates or rental to Cottesloe. Their members could come from anywhere. There is no requirement to state they belong to Cottesloe when applying for membership. There is no process to delete members when they leave Cottesloe.

The Committee of the Association  passed a vote of no confidence in the Town of Cottesloe Council and implied incorrectly that they spoke on behalf of Cottesloe ratepayers in that they were against the Swanbourne Village Trust  Rezoning Application which had been passed for advertising by a majority vote through the Council in April 2016.

Architect, Garry Baverstock pointed out that the SVT project went through a very rigorous and meticulous planning process over a period of two years with an appointed planner for the project. Almost on a weekly basis, Manager, Development Services, Andrew Jackson was briefed to ensure SVT met the Council’s planning scheme and State Government requirements.

Businesswoman and Cottesloe ratepayer, Julia Hayes, a new member of this Ratepayers Association, took the Committee of the Association to task at the AGM of the Association, asked a series of questions including:

  • the number of members on the membership register
  • how resolutions of the Association were approved by members
  • by what means members were involved in any decision making process before edicts were issued
  • how the greater environment of residents and ratepayers of Cottesloe are consulted

Julia was also aware that she and other members of the Association she knew personally had never been invited to meetings and minutes of the meetings were not made available upon request. The Chairman agreed that resolutions were NOT based on any consultation with members, were NOT based on any consultation with the community at large, but that all decisions were made by their committee of ten people.

Later Julia, a retired Chartered Secretary, pointed out the minutes of the AGM were incorrectly reported, leaving out what she thought was relevant information regarding the incorrect claims of the vocal minority.

She was further surprised that the large amount of support the SVT had received from public information sessions was not reflected in any edicts  issued by this Association.

Julia noted afterwards that the majority of active discussion at the AGM related to the cleanliness of the toilets at Indianas and whether people should be forced to have lawn verges rather that native plants.

This incorrect claim by a small self-interest group inferring that they represent community views,  appears to be happening in other Perth suburbs. In Bayswater, a group of its concerned ratepayers have set up their own progressive association ‘Future Bayswater‘ to add a balanced voice to the small minority that seemed to be opposed to just about any change.

Photo Credits: Nick Melidonis, www.nickmelidonis.com

Wise Earth Research Innovation

Wise Earth Research Centre (WERC) Continuing to Innovate

Steve lab

Located at 24 Bassendean Road in Bayswater, the WERC facility is donating some space and resources for Innovate Australia.

innovate front

The factory is currently undergoing research in solar air conditioning and new generation solar water heating that operate from solar voltaics. WERC has been participating for three years in a R&D project with the Federal Government and plan to have some patents lodged around mid – 2016.

Master of Building Services Engineering Murdoch Uni

Director, Garry Baverstock AM has been re-appointed as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering at Murdoch University and is involved in the creation of a Master of Building Services Engineering, setting up a new program for Masters and PhD students.

GB whiteboard innovate

An outcome from this program will be to link into the research work currently carried out at the Bayswater facility for the new design air conditioner and solar hot water system. To find out more about the Master of Building Services Engineering programme being established at Murdoch University, please CLICK to contact us.

Photo Credits; Nick Melidonis, www.nickmelidonis.com


Solar-e.com endorses and commends the efforts of John Reed in establishing SOLARDAY 2011 across the United States of America and promoting its incorporation into the calendar of other countries throughout this amazing world that is our home.



This type of focus is just what we need to make the general public throughout the world more conscious of the need for a 21st century solar economy as fast as possible.

For Wise Earth P/L (our parent company) and its staff and management, every day is SOLARDAY!

Therefore, we take seriously this brilliant and visionary promotional idea.  The next 20 years (up to 2030) will be the most important time for human action on Climate Change, in adapting to it and abating it in the medium and long term.

Now is the time the planning for our sustainable energy future.  There really is no choice eventually.

We are absolutely convinced through our own research via our networks of imminent experts throughout the globe, that we need to go solar as fast as possible.

Instead of burning our cheap precious fossil fuels on ‘business as usual’ type developments and maintaining the ‘old fossil fuel economy ‘as long as possible, we really need to be using this cheap energy to produce as much solar energy utilization as possible and every other year from hereon, while it is still abundant.

It then can gain a critical mass and begin to replicate itself before our cheap fossil fuel is wasted.

Solarday 2011: How to get involved

To help get the message out there about SOLARDAY, the following is a personal invitation from John Reed to be involved and a media release for SOLARDAY 2011’s events.  Also here is a list of the contributors and participants of SOLARDAY 2010’s event.

We recommend that you personally, as a non-profit, commercial enterprises and government authorities get on board with this and look at practical and effective ways of networking with solar-e to achieve exactly what this day has already become, and representing a potent symbol of the type of society and economy we need to develop.

I think that all societies and associations should get involved with this initiative.  We need cooperation and collaboration and teamwork to pull off intelligent change.

This should not be a competition!  It is our kids and grand children’s future we are helping to create.

Let’s applaud John Reed’s initiative and get on with it!


Garry Baverstock AM

Solarday 2011 Letter from John Reed

Solarday 2011 Media Release

Solarday 2010 Participants

SolarDay 2011 letter from Doris Matsui from the U.S. Congress