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Launch of Ilios Gardens Swanbourne


LAUNCH OF ILIOS GARDENS, SWANBOURNE. Corner Congdon and Railway Streets. A small scale development in the heart of Swanbourne, PERFECT FOR SENIORS.

When retired jewellery designer, Katherine Kalaf and her friend of many years, Eco Architect, Garry Bavertstock met, they would often speculate about downsizing opportunities in their hood. Nothing on the market met their needs.

When a site became available on the corner of Congdon and Railway Streets, opposite the Swanbourne railway station and shopping precinct, they purchased it with a view to fulfilling their dream of a well-designed retirement concept for life loving, active retirees. Four years of obstacles and careful planning has borne fruit.

Named ILIOS after the Greek word for sun, Ilios Gardens offers a lifestyle based on the benefits of transport oriented precinct living, stunning architecture with extensive gardens, smart integrated technologies for energy minimisation and recycling, and importantly close to rail, shopping, restaurants and the multiple amenities seaside Swanbourne and Cottesloe has to offer.

“Most of the seniors we know are very sports active and travel, age is not a barrier. The more you do, the more you can do. They want easy ways to socialize and to have stimulating opportunities around them. They have a lot more living to do into their seventies and eighties which is why Ilios will have a lot to offer them” said designer, Katherine Kalaf.

“We have been through an exhaustive design phase and now have all our approvals in place and will be starting to build. Expressions of interest are open now. It is so exciting to have been able to fulfill what we believe is a really fresh approach to retirement living.”

“Bespoke, hand crafted limestone walls, rooftop gardens and sustainable living and internal finishes expected of a project of this quality make Ilios a unique place to live.” said designer and project investor, Katherine Kalaf.

“Buyers will have the assurance of architects’ full insurance, compliance guarantees and architect oversight of the built form to ensure that the quality designed is the quality built and delivered”, noted energy efficient architect Garry Baverstock. A.M.

Media enquiries: Katherine Kalaf. 0478 222 112. AGENT: Jon Bahen, Abel Property. 0419 816 776 FOR INFORMATION TEXT: ILIOS TO 0416 906 827