Wise Earth Pty Ltd has diverse business interests, all involved in creating a sustainable viable future.

Wise Earth is committed to equipping individuals, corporations and natural environment workers with the skills needed to transform earth into a more harmonious, healthy and livable environment. The earth of today and tomorrow requires individuals and those running businesses to actively work together to improve the harmony between the environment, climate and everyday living and working practices. While these necessary changes are easily understood and welcomed by people around the world, the actual establishment and management of sustainable global enterprises is not keeping up with demand. Wise Earth is dedicated to closing the gap between knowledge of the changes required and the implementation of practises that will build a sustainable future for our planet.

To achieve this we educate and advise businesses, the public and government on  sustainable development and the built environment through a number of services including:

  • Architecture, master planning and urban design
  • Ethical investment management
  • Solar energy
  • Research and development
  • Environmental management that achieves sustainable outcome
  • Education and training
  • Dissemination of evidence based knowledge
  • Invention and innovation of technologies needed for a sustainable future.

The Time Arrow Innovation Hub is a vibrant meeting place.

A ‘home’ for small businesses, its focus is on servicing entrepreneurs involved in clean or renewable energy, and built environment projects.

The hub incorporates many of our education, training, and innovation programmes, aiming to align entrepreneurs with industry, education, youth and technology, creating a central hub of activity and a place where our long term goals of creating a sustainable viable future can be realised.

Visit the Time Arrow Innovation Hub website here.