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Regional Government

The secret to solar and renewable, as well as general sustainable and clean forms of energy, to be successfully introduced in this 21st century is the effectiveness of policies and legislation of regional governments.  One of the immediate concerns with inaction at this level will be the horrific damage that will be caused from ocean level rises.  These are already happening and accelerating.

Throughout the planet, Climate Change due to the excessive use of fossil fuels is increasingly causing problems for our coastline developments.  The key to solving and adapting to unwanted changes in sea levels is effective Regional Government.

All around the planet sea levels will raise by varying amounts and the reasons for this is the forces of gravity from the moon, the sun and large planet like Jupiter and the bulging of oceans at the equator (mainly due to the gravitational effects of the moon).  Of course the moon caused tidal variations will create odd spasmodic changes in sea levels, never experienced by mankind before in the period that human kind has lived in earth. It will wreak havoc on all costal developments starting from 2020 onwards.

There is a wake up call for all governments (particularly in the developed world) to start taking into account sea rises for the next 100 years.

This will mean that some development will have to be demolished and moved inland and buffer zones created for all new developments (it goes without saying that they should be as carbon ‘neutral’ or ‘minus’ as possible).

Here are some papers that used Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia as a case in point:

Cottesloe Solar and Shade Analysis 2004

Predicted Sea Level Change in WA 2009/10

Cottesloe 2011 Planning Scheme Review

 Garry Baverstock’s Letter To the Town of Cottesloe Mayor