Wise Earth, helping to make Australia a Leader in Innovation

Built Environment Innovation Network

Wise Earth has initiated the Built Environment Innovation Network which will be chaired by Garry Baverstock. Taking the form of a closed door, round table discussion; it will focus on exploring the future of innovation for the construction industry in Western Australia and Australia generally. Attending will be representatives from various divisions of the Institute of Engineers; architects and also materials suppliers with leading names such as Boral; BHP and Alcoa together with some representation from State government.

The agenda will focus on how to move forward on sustainability and energy efficiency in the built environment. Wise Earth is a sponsor of Innovate Australia and Garry is the founding director.

Wise Earth-Good research is the first step

Wise Earth- Good research is the first step

Outcomes synthesised from these discussions will be a catalyst for future public meetings where interested parties can attend to listen to relevant speakers that can outline the vision created at the round table discussions. These will be free talks aimed at informing and inspiring participants about the direction of innovation for the next 5 years with the aim of making Australia the number one country in innovation in the world.

Australia’s Innovation Ranking

Australia is currently ranked 15th in innovation and this initiative will aim to improving that ranking to 10th in five years and first after 15 years.

Photo Credits: Nick Melidonis, www.nickmelidonis.com