Human Impact

Brief History of Global Warming and Climate Change

Over the last 10,000 years due to rise of human civilizations the impact on the world has resulted in the planet warming slightly more than would due from normal interglacial cycles.

Until the advent of farming settlements, this effect was minimal.

Then came the identifiable and certifiable era of:

 ‘Human Impact on Climate Change’ (HICC)


Eminent scientists are now predicting that the excess carbon released into the air, mainly from industrialization, will warm the planet. It will be measurable for the next 10,000 years and up to 100,000 years from now.

The dawn of the Anthropocene Age’ clearly manifests through the impact of humanity on the planet – climate change, depletion of biodiversity, shrinking natural landscape, actual and the ever-present threat of the risk of extinction of many species – sea life, animals and native flora. This will threaten all life as we know it, including humans.

‘Business as usual’ does not seem to be working very well, often due to ignorance of the economic consequences. There is a lack of evidence-based decision-making for many decades at all levels.

Change in Thinking

We have a Dilemma:


“If you always see how you’ve always seen,

You’ll always be who you’ve always been.”

Richard Bawden

Earth Rise from the Moon 1969

This calls for new basis to inform with regards to design and planning of the built-environment and shaping of cities. We stand for a paradigm shift in consciousness beyond that.

Measurement of Economic Benefit

Knowing the real value of everything is a imperative to start leading to smart changes in farming, forestry and marine and natural resource management, as well as the all important built environment and the associated human social habits, activities and attitude to health.  “We need sustainable way of measuring viability” (Dr Gary Burke 2019).


A better process could be employed to improve outcomes for next generations, especially over the period towards the end of this century, but we need to know what is happening to our planet before those with influence can make changes and set priorities that will work.

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