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Ecotect Architects

Blurb about Ecotect Architects, energy efficient architecture and urban design….

Ecotect-Architects is a world-class architectural practice that provides tailored, leading edge and professional services to people who want to live and work in climate-sensibly designed homes and buildings that are energy and water efficient. Services include the provision of advisory, consultancy, design, construction, project management, information and educational programs that meet the current and emerging needs of people in today’s world. All services are provided by highly qualified and experienced architects and project management specialists.

People who contact Ecotect Architects include commercial and residential property developers; owner builders and project builders; renovators and home buyers; urban and regional planners; journalists and reporters; politicians, ministers and government workers; students, lecturers and university department heads; engineers, scientists and physicists; renewable and sustainable energy researchers and specialists; draftspeople and other architects.

Ecotect-Architects was established in Perth in 1975 by Mr Garry Baverstock. Mr Baverstock is one of Australia’s most widely recognised eco-architects and pioneers in the design and construction of passive solar buildings. Mr Baverstock was awarded an Order of Australia in 2006 for his groundbreaking work in eco architecture and significant contribution to Australian society.

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